How to Write a Research Paper

Research papers are documents that present the results of research on a specific topic. Its purpose is to reveal facts or clarify ambiguous issues, and as such, are different from essays based on experiences or opinions of writers. Before composing such an essay, examine the subject extensively, distinguish credible sources from weak ones, and find a definitive answer to your initial question. However, composing a research paper is not completely different from composing any other type of essay, other than the fact that you should cite your sources.

Conducts in-depth research on the subject, through evidence of official publications and credibility of the media. Interview with experts on the topic if possible. Avoid expressing personal opinions and data attributes reliable sources.

Make the composition of a guide paragraph indicating the question you are trying to answer with your essay. It explains the topic to the audience and mentions why it is an important topic.

Use the language appropriate to your audience. If they are children, choose the appropriate vocabulary. Reserve advanced terminology for specialized audiences. The challenge of the research essay is to keep the balance between clear and precise expression.

Cite references for each fact you present, except for the experiments you did yourself. Mention the publication of which you got a fact or the person who revealed something in person.

Focus on the subject you are studying and not on the research method. For example, in an essay on how high school coaches choose their players, they focus on their criteria and considerations, not on how you contacted them or how you taped the conversation with them.

It responds to the question it poses in the opening paragraph clearly. The answer can be a succinct and conclusive sentence or paragraph.

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