How to Write a Good Introduction to a Documented Research Paper

The introduction to a research paper is the pivotal point around which the rest of the article revolves. Use an introduction to concisely point out the topic of your article, as well as the argument for or against the topic you are writing about. Concentrate on writing it well and making it informative, without being convoluted or confused.

Begin your introduction with a basic description or background story of the subject. Includes only the most relevant facts. Avoid making this section very detailed so as not to divert attention from the rest of the article.

List the reasoning behind your argument or why it matters. Describe if you are adding to previous research and how it shows how the information in your article will improve previous findings or conclusions on which you have based your research.

It informs the reader of the deficiencies or limitations in your research. For example, if a study has been conducted, it points out that it was conducted at a local university on a similar socio-economic group.

Summarize your thesis or main argument, and continue in the body of the research work.

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