How to Make a Brainstorm for an Essay

Writing an essay can be a long and endless process if you do not give yourself time to brainstorm and shape the essay topic. One of the most important elements in writing an essay involves the process of creation, also known as brainstorming. Consider the topic before you start collecting ideas.

Analyze the task. If you have to write a persuasive essay, for example, collect ideas from a topic that can be debated and not from one that is purely informative.

Write a list of topics relevant to the task. If your task is to write about horses, make a list of attributes related to them, such as grooming, feeding, medical problems, among others.


Create a map with your list of features. It begins with a circle with a term, like “horses.” It then branches and includes circles with words relevant to horses, such as food, grooming and medical care. Continue ramifying your subtopics to include additional details in the brainstorming.

Set your theme. From the mind map, choose a branch as your test topic and assess whether it is sufficiently delimited for the task. If the homework is 10 pages, you will need a broad topic. If it’s 3 to 5 pages, you’ll need something more delimited.

Write freely. Once you have decided on a delimited topic, such as the medical care of the horses, start writing everything you know about this topic. Set up a timer for 10 minutes or more and write freely without stopping to correct spelling mistakes.

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