How to introduce a research paper

Essays or research articles are academic papers written in high school or college. A research article is more than a collection of information. The goal is to discuss and defend a point or analyze it from a perspective of its own, always based on external information. If you are writing an essay you must introduce it correctly so that the readers understand its content and purpose.

It outlines the main objective of the research paper. In the first two sentences you must summarize the topic to be discussed. In the introduction you must provide a clear presentation of the points covered in the work.

It includes at least two main references to supply your readers with the necessary credibility. Please include them in the third or fourth sentence.

Write a disclaimer about the research article. You should inform the readers that the work is purely informative. It delimits that all the resources and references used in the work should not be copied, but should help guide the writer with the writing process.

Tips & Warnings
You should re-read the introduction to make sure the purpose of the paper is delimited in this paragraph.
Never tell your readers to use this work for anything else as a guide when writing their own essays.

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