Romeo and Juliet Essay

“Romeo y Juliet” is one of the most popular works of its author, one of the most represented and most often versioned in theaters. It has become a symbol of passionate love and romanticism. For this reason, many people say that the work is about love that can do everything; Others claim that it is a story about hatred and its destructive power; I believe that in a way, it could be said that it is a novel about the lack of communication and its fatal consequences.

Why do I argue that this novel should not be a symbol of romantic love? For starters, Romeo falls in love with Juliet just to see her. This, a constant in multitude of novels, could not be considered love but only attraction since a real and deep love is based on the mutual knowledge and not in a physical attraction or in a words in a dance. Throughout the work, there is very little time for both lovers to meet and talk. His love is therefore a strong desire among adolescents strengthened only by the prohibition of being together. We all know that what is forbidden is much more appealing to young people and can make them much more stubborn. Did Romeo and Juliet fall in love if they had carte blanche to unleash their feelings? It may be, but it could also happen otherwise. We will never know. But what we do know is that they did not have enough time to discover it, much less to develop a feeling so strong that it pushes them to suicide. It would therefore be, from my point of view, a romantic rebelliousness of youth and not true love. A mere excuse for history, but not much the essence of it.

Is hatred then the true motor of history? It is what many defend, that “Romeo and Juliet” is a story that deals with hate and its terrible consequences. It is hatred that makes the Montessori and the Capulet not understand each other. It is also the old grudges that lead Theo bald, Juliet’s cousin, to kill Mercuric and Romeo to kill Theo bald in revenge. But Romeo and Juliet do not die as a direct consequence of these hatreds that seem to invade all the characters in the story, but because of the misunderstandings that complicate their plan to be together. Although this evil feeling is present throughout the novel, it is not from my point of view the essence of it.

Why then do I believe that it is the lack of communication that really triggers the whole story and its true soul? Let’s analyze it point by point:

The lack of communication is what makes Montescos and Capulet’s hate each other. We do not know the origin of their rancor, but we know that after the death of the two lovers families talk and reconcile, realizing the absurd to continue facing. Hate is therefore a consequence of the lack of communication and just as there was an approach to the end of the story, there could have been much earlier if they had sat and talked.

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