How to make an introduction to an essay

How to Make an Introduction to a Trial: Tips for a Good Introduction

The introduction of an essay is something like the presentation of a product, that is, it must engage the reader and make them interested in reading the rest of the essay. It is important to show it interesting but without making false promises, we can not say in the introduction that we are going to talk about something that will not be touched because that would be an incongruity and would detract from our work. When we think of how to make an introduction to a particular essay we must ask ourselves what is the most interesting thing about it and highlight it with enthusiasm, but always in a realistic way.

Their size should be relative to the size of the test. This is a very important aspect of how to make an introduction to an essay, you can not make a two-sheet writing and one of them is almost completely the introduction, nor present a book with a short paragraph. Everything must be proportionate and balanced. Most authors agree that the introduction should be about 10% of the total trial.

It is a good idea for the introduction to collect all the main ideas of the essay when it includes more than one. In this way the work is presented completely and not only a part of it. In order for all the important ideas of the essay to be included in the introduction, it is a good idea to write this at the end. In this way we can introduce what has actually been written, which may show differences with respect to what we intended to capture in the beginning.

For example we might have started with an idea, but in the middle of the essay and after reading some reference, we decided to include something larger that is important enough to deserve a place in the introduction.

How to make an introduction to an essay: the hypothesis

The hypothesis deserves a separate mention when we analyze how to make an introduction to an essay, since it is the fundamental part of the introduction, the theory that we will defend throughout the essay and that will eventually be reaffirmed or refuted after the completion of our work .

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Example of how to do an introduction to an essay
Example of how to make an introduction to an essay in which we want to defend an idea about love.

“Thanks to the love we reproduce, we attend our children and we organize ourselves in families and societies. But is love a feeling born of our spiritual part, the so-called soul or is it just an evolutionary weapon of our brain?

Love is based more on anthropology and human evolution than on spiritual feelings. We love because we need that feeling to survive in society and not because we are beings with soul. Is my reasoning very cold? Well it has a good scientific basis as I will explain below. I will show you that love is only a product of your brain and I will make all the principles on which your life is based stagger ”

This is a controversial, aggressive introduction that tries to catch the reader with a very radical and challenging argument that will cause the rejection of people who read it, but certainly also the interest in reading it if only to counter the arguments That are exposed in the test. It is an alternative way of capturing attention, although it is a dangerous method because it can alienate the reader by feeling too offended by the approach.

However it has all the elements of an introduction: a summary of the most important ideas, a thesis to defend and an attempt (more or less accurate according to opinions) to catch the attention of the reader.


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