How to make an essay on a controversial topic

Avoid overly aggressive expressions when it comes to rehearsing a controversial topic. You can defend a subject with intensity, but it is not necessary to show aggressiveness against those who think differently. Always have a left hand and be diplomatic.

For example, it may say: “Gay marriage is contrary to Catholic beliefs, which defend the union of man and woman as the only valid before God.” Rather than say: “Gay marriage is contrary to Catholic beliefs and those who They defend against the word of God. ” Although we are expressing the same idea, the second way of doing so may be aggressive, as it directly accuses those who think differently.

If he wants to discredit a position contrary to his own, it is permissible always and when he does so by argument and never by insult, ridicule or any other inconsiderate way and that is not based on logical reasoning and respect.

Many people, when faced with how to make an essay on a controversial subject resort to irony abusing this resource. The irony consists in saying one thing but making it clear that one wants to express the opposite: “It is true that every woman has something beautiful, although in some cases it is a distant cousin.” Irony is a well-used intelligence sample, but it indicates a lack of arguments, arrogance and acidity when used excessively.

Being firm in convictions but sensitive when it comes to exposing them is the most complicated part of this type of essays. Iron hand in silk glove, remember this old saying when you face this exciting challenge that once overcome will help you in many aspects of your life.

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