How to make a good essay

You should not forget that one of the keys to an essay is that this is a personal writing. When reading about a topic and documenting it you must always do it by involving yourself and forming an opinion about it. The difference between an essay and an exposition or a treatise is that the essay is something more intimate and must have the author’s touch. In this area be careful with the following points:

1) It is very important that when expressing your own opinion you do it clearly differentiating it from what are data or quotes. For example, if you are going to conduct an essay entitled “The influence of television on young people’s way of thinking about sexual intercourse” there can be no confusion between what is your own opinion and what are the citations by Example of sociologists, regardless of whether you can show them or not according to them.

2) Also, as we have said, you must differentiate your opinion from what is data, for example, if you have done a survey on the subject and quotes that 35% of young people think that television has influenced little or nothing in His view of sexuality (example) should be clear that is a data of said survey. Similarly, avoid expressions such as “I think 90% of young people are influenced by television …” If you have not done a scientific survey you can not talk about percentages, you should say “in my opinion a large majority of young people Are influenced by television … ”

3) Your opinion is free, own, personal, but always with a foundation that you must expose. No one believes anything because he gets up in the morning with that certainty. Returning to the above example, if you believe that television influences the way young people view sexuality you must defend your point of view based on arguments that may be objective or subjective but must be explained and explained properly. Having your own opinion will help you to develop a hypothesis and defend it throughout the essay.

Fourth step: structure the essay before you start writing it

Even the most reputable writers develop a scheme before beginning to write a text as this helps the end result to be sought. Although each teacher has his / her booklet, this is one of the methods most used to perform this test scheme:

1) On a blank paper write in the upper part INTRODUCTION, in the middle of the paper BODY OR DEVELOPMENT and toward the end of the same CONCLUSION

Below the introduction explains very briefly which is the thesis you want to defend or the main topic on which you want the essay to be treated. If there is any important aspect that you want to put in the introduction of the essay you should also include it here.

After the body or development lists one by one all the points you want to play in the essay, for example, if you are going to defend a thesis, all the arguments you want to use.

In the conclusion do not write anything, since this will only be clear once you have finished with your essay and see what aspects are the ones that you want to leave highlighted at the end of it. As you prepare the essay you will see which points to play in the conclusion and you can write them down.

2) Distribute well the number of lines you are going to use for each part of the test. Remember that the bulk of it must be the body and that the conclusion is, as a rule, the shortest part of it.

Fifth and final step: take care of the writing

It is not only important what is said, but also how it is said. When we write we must do it in a clear way, easily understandable for everyone because if the reader is not able to get our message the work will have been useless. To do this remember:

1) If you are not fluent in writing, it is best to limit yourself to short phrases because the longer you write a sentence, the easier it is that you end up losing yourself and making mistakes. This does not mean that we should write as if it were a telegram, but it is preferable to sin of a simple but correct wording than of a purportedly more elaborate but full of errors.

2) Remember to review the spelling of the text and punctuation well. It is convenient to read aloud the essay to be able to realize if some words have been repeated in excess and if the points and the commas have been placed well.

With these tips you will be able to perform a good essay with great ease and by your own means.

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