Essay on Ancient Greek Culture

The culture of ancient Greece is one of the pillars of today’s society. Greco-Roman culture is often spoken of as the basis of Western civilization, but in my view the Greek contributions in this respect were far more important than those of the empire that succeeded it, although this was of greater historical significance because of its great Military power and its conquering politics. The Greeks were creators and innovators culturally speaking, while the Romans knew how to assimilate the knowledge of this people and give them a varnish of their own, adapting them to their needs and the evolution of the times.

We can start with his most important cultural contribution since the Greeks are the inventors of the concept of democracy. While it is true that its concept of democracy is not the same as what we have today, it has undoubtedly been the basis of a mode of political organization that has been said on many occasions that although it is not perfect, no one has managed to elaborate One better. And this is just one of the many contributions that Greek philosophy has given to current thinking. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are the greatest exponents of this field, but far from the only Greek thinkers whose texts have transcended.

If we speak of the written arts, it was the authors of classical Greece who created genres as important as epic poetry, with Homer as the main representative; Lyric poetry, with authors such as the great poetess Sappho who laid the foundations of current lyric poetry; Also revolutionized the concept of theater, making it what we understand today by introducing the dramatic texts dialogued in representations. They were also great innovators in other disciplines, such as the study of historical facts, with the great Herodotus as a banner.

Greek architecture and sculpture were the basis of the most famous Roman buildings and sculptural works. Thanks to the great expansion of the Roman Empire it has been easy to keep a large amount of legacy in many different countries, but the Hellenic influence is evident to little to be checked.

In the field of religion, it is true that Greek mythology was inspired by others such as the Egyptian or the Mesopotamian, but was able to endow its gods and heroes with stories so human and literally rich that have lasted until our times. The Romans barely changed the names of the divinities to create their own religion, always at the service of the power established in each period of the Empire, in the same way that they later assimilated Christianity and took advantage of the situation.

If we speak of medicine we have only to name Galen, whose name has become synonymous with a doctor or Hippocrates, whose oath continues to be issued by medical professionals around the world today.

The lack of space prevents me from establishing a deeper cultural comparison between Greece and Rome. It is evident that this last one also counts in his credit with great achievements and contributions of great importance, I do not forget that without going further the alphabet in which I write was created by them. It is not at all my intention to disparage the Roman Empire and the great influence it has had on our civilization, but I believe that the data provided are sufficient to understand the claim I make of Greece and its cultural supremacy.

Essay on Immigration

An effective Temporary Work Visa (VTT) should be created to allow Mexican citizens to stay in the United States to work for a limited period of time. Like the one created in recent years, but still at a more concessional level, As the possibility of renewal. The visa would authorize work for a definite period, such as the three-year period, and as already mentioned would be renewable for an additional period; It would allow multiple unlimited entries as long as it is current; Would allow full mobility between employees and sectors of the economy and would give the right holder the right to receive “national treatment”, something that the one created has not granted.

Mobility would be essential for workers to exercise complete freedom to change jobs for better income, Under the theory that the best protection against underpaid wages and poor working conditions is the freedom to seek a better offer. At the general level, mobility would allow labor supply to flow to meet changes in demand. National treatment would consist of the same protection under the law as domestic workers receive. This would ensure that temporary foreign workers do not enjoy unfair legal advantages or suffer disadvantages.

Mobility and national treatment would protect migrant workers from the abuses that occurred with guest worker programs in the past. The fatal flaw of Bracer’s program and other proposed programs is that they tie the worker to an industry or employer, leaving them at the mercy of their bosses. The best model for VTTs should be the standard work permit document known as Form I-688B, which is issued to foreign-born residents who can work in the United States.

The number of visas issued should be sufficient to meet the demand in the US labor market. Using the current estimate of undocumented worker incomes, 300,000 annual visas would be a reasonable starting point. The distribution of visas can be rationed through an application fee. The fee must be high enough to cover costs and regulate demand, but low enough to bring illegal traffickers out of the market, perhaps in the neighborhood of $ 1,000. If a black market reappears or persists, it would be an indicator that the quota should be lowered or the number of visas issued should be increased. This income would be used to sustain the program and any surplus must be distributed among state and local governments to cover the expenses incurred by the presence of low-skilled workers. If 300,000 visas are issued at $ 1,000 each, there would be an income of $ 300 million. Visas should be placed on the basis of prices, not government agencies exposed to corruption.
A program must be created to allow undocumented workers already in the country to obtain legal status based on years of work and other productive behavior. Undocumented workers who are already there must receive VTTs immediately as long as they register with the government and are not a threat to internal or national security. Those who have lived and worked in the United States for more than a certain time must be able to apply for permanent residence and finally citizenship. Legal status must be conditional upon not having committed serious crimes. House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt promised a Democratic bill that would “provide undue legalization to undocumented immigrants who have resided here for more than five years, worked there for two years, and abided by the rules.” Like new entrants, undocumented workers already in the country would have to pay the application fee; If 4.5 million Mexicans receive legal status, and each pays a fee of $ 1,000, the federal government would receive a payment of $ 4.5 billion. Again, the money would be used to cover costs and to distribute it to other levels of government that incur related but not so direct costs. This legalization would not be a simple repetition of the 1980s amnesty. Workers would not be granted permanent residence automatically. All immigrants could receive temporary visas valid for a limited period. To obtain residency they would have to request through the existing channels; Would not receive special treatment, but would be prosecuted along with legally qualified candidates. Requests would have to be processed in a timely and efficient manner, following the 180-day guideline proposed by President Bush.
For practical reasons, legalization should begin with Mexican immigrants; Given its location and the number of its workers already present in the United States, Mexico is by far the most important country of origin of immigration. The Mexican government is eager to work with the American to implement a successful program, and their cooperation will be necessary for the program to function while safeguarding US national security and Mexico’s economic and social security. Our long land border with the United States and the growing trade traffic stimulated by NAFTA argue in favor of legalizing what is already an integrated labor market in North America.


Essay on the life of Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was from the beginning a man full of contradictions and surrounded by the controversy. He questions his cinematographic work, considered by many to be a pioneer and a great influence on later cinema, while others describe it as senseless, pretentious and shocking but very empty experiments. His works in painting have come to be described as a bad joke by his critics while people from all over the world buy his famous films by thousands. So is Andy Warhol a significant artist or a marketing product? I could not answer that, but in my opinion and that of many, Warhol’s true work was his own character.

After a first stage in which she worked as an illustrator of shoes and carrying out all kinds of advertising campaigns, in the sixties Warhol begins to make a name and also to create its own personage. Taking as reference the artists of the movement known as Pop-Art that had begun in England in the fifties, Andy begins to take elements of American culture, such as the famous soup cans or Coca-Cola bottles and makes them Appear in your pictures. Soon other elements like the dollar bill or actors and actresses legends of the moment are added. This is perhaps the most frivolous image of the artist, the one that has remained in the minds of all and that was best represented. But there is also another face of the painter, which he showed in paintings depicting street fights, suicides and even the electric chair, perhaps the union between this harder and darker world and pop icons that elevated him to fame.

At this point in his life, Warhol begins to create his own legend. A frivolous, even superficial character, always surrounded by musicians, actors and bohemians at parties in which alcohol, drugs and debauchery were common. It was the sixties, the time of the hippy revolution and the uprising against everything that prevailed. Warhol’s party at The Factory, his studio in New York, was practically daily, and anyone wishing to have a name in the underground world was there. Those who know Warhol say that however, he was a very religious person and that often, after long parties and bacchanals, he went to the religious services of the Byzantine Catholic Church, confession to which he belonged.


We were then with a very religious person who combined his visits to the church with his participation in what were considered the wildest parties of the time and with the filming of films rated as high sexual tension. A man who, seeing his attempts to penetrate the intellectual circles of New York frustrated, creates his own underground circle and knows how to sell it to the media as the cultural alternative. An artist who surrounds himself with other artists in symbiotic relationships in which some fed on each other.

Paladin of the gay movement and yet able to stay with Ronald Reagan himself to chat and to portray him. A man who said to paint the popular icons, but who does not hesitate to portray a very young Miguel Bose for the cover of a disc and appear in one of his video clips despite recognizing in private that he only knows that he is the son Of a bullfighter, all for a great deal of money.

Contradictory in itself and more beloved by the general public than by criticism, Warhol might have gone unnoticed if his work had not been sustained by his character, which was in my opinion and in many, the true support of his Fame along with his great ability to see the talent of others and, yes, his generosity in supporting and sponsoring his friends.


How to make a thesis

To talk about how to do a thesis we must review what we already discussed when writing about how to do a test. A thesis is an idea that is exposed at the beginning of an argumentative text and that should be defended throughout the same with solid support aimed at demonstrating that this thesis is correct. Equivalent to the hypothesis in the scientific essay.

By extension has been called thesis to the work of end of race that a student must present and to defend to demonstrate its qualification to develop the profession for which it has studied. When it is an end-of-course thesis it is known as a dissertation and when its presentation is to opt for a doctor’s degree, it is called a doctoral thesis.

How to make a thesis?

We will speak first of how to make a thesis for an essay, which would be the first meaning of the word. The thesis should be gathered in the introduction of the essay, where we are going to raise a problem that according to our point of view exists and that needs a solution.

The solution we propose is the thesis itself and we will defend it throughout the argumentative text that follows, ending with a conclusion about our theory. It must be a new and original solution, which has not been raised before by another author.

Unlike the hypothesis in a scientific essay, in an argumentative essay the thesis does not have to prove it with scientific method, we can develop it based on personal opinions and perceptions. For example, we can develop a thesis on philosophical concepts that are impossible to prove scientifically: “Goodness in human nature” “Love in Eastern cultures” etc.

What is a doctoral thesis?

In the doctoral thesis the name of a part of the writing, the thesis, has been taken for the whole, the work itself. The doctoral thesis is the one done by a student after graduating in a career when he wants to obtain a doctor’s degree, that is, the highest university level.

How to make a doctoral thesis presents differences with respect to an argumentative essay without more. For starters, the extent of an essay is very variable and can range from a single folio to hundreds of them. A doctoral thesis is a broad and very deep study that always requires a certain volume. In fact many theses are edited as test books.

A doctoral thesis is not based on ideas or perceptions only, but all must be properly documented and justified. Even in matters such as philosophy and religion, it is necessary to investigate the opinions of other authors to reason as we have arrived at the elaboration of our thesis and to defend its validity. In the first of the links you can see at the bottom of this article are the conditions for the development of a doctoral thesis in philosophy so that they can get an idea of ​​the complexity involved in this work.

In case the subject requires it the thesis will have to be demonstrated by the scientific method, which from the point of view of the essay would become synonymous with hypotheses. It could also be called theory.

In summary, if you think about how to do a doctoral thesis, think that you must meet at least the following requirements: innovate, expand a field of knowledge, be well documented, be drafted in a clear and orderly manner and convince the reporter that it’s correct. The latter is very important since the aspiring doctor must defend his thesis before a university court to get his degree.

How to make a good essay

You should not forget that one of the keys to an essay is that this is a personal writing. When reading about a topic and documenting it you must always do it by involving yourself and forming an opinion about it. The difference between an essay and an exposition or a treatise is that the essay is something more intimate and must have the author’s touch. In this area be careful with the following points:

1) It is very important that when expressing your own opinion you do it clearly differentiating it from what are data or quotes. For example, if you are going to conduct an essay entitled “The influence of television on young people’s way of thinking about sexual intercourse” there can be no confusion between what is your own opinion and what are the citations by Example of sociologists, regardless of whether you can show them or not according to them.

2) Also, as we have said, you must differentiate your opinion from what is data, for example, if you have done a survey on the subject and quotes that 35% of young people think that television has influenced little or nothing in His view of sexuality (example) should be clear that is a data of said survey. Similarly, avoid expressions such as “I think 90% of young people are influenced by television …” If you have not done a scientific survey you can not talk about percentages, you should say “in my opinion a large majority of young people Are influenced by television … ”

3) Your opinion is free, own, personal, but always with a foundation that you must expose. No one believes anything because he gets up in the morning with that certainty. Returning to the above example, if you believe that television influences the way young people view sexuality you must defend your point of view based on arguments that may be objective or subjective but must be explained and explained properly. Having your own opinion will help you to develop a hypothesis and defend it throughout the essay.

Fourth step: structure the essay before you start writing it

Even the most reputable writers develop a scheme before beginning to write a text as this helps the end result to be sought. Although each teacher has his / her booklet, this is one of the methods most used to perform this test scheme:

1) On a blank paper write in the upper part INTRODUCTION, in the middle of the paper BODY OR DEVELOPMENT and toward the end of the same CONCLUSION

Below the introduction explains very briefly which is the thesis you want to defend or the main topic on which you want the essay to be treated. If there is any important aspect that you want to put in the introduction of the essay you should also include it here.

After the body or development lists one by one all the points you want to play in the essay, for example, if you are going to defend a thesis, all the arguments you want to use.

In the conclusion do not write anything, since this will only be clear once you have finished with your essay and see what aspects are the ones that you want to leave highlighted at the end of it. As you prepare the essay you will see which points to play in the conclusion and you can write them down.

2) Distribute well the number of lines you are going to use for each part of the test. Remember that the bulk of it must be the body and that the conclusion is, as a rule, the shortest part of it.

Fifth and final step: take care of the writing

It is not only important what is said, but also how it is said. When we write we must do it in a clear way, easily understandable for everyone because if the reader is not able to get our message the work will have been useless. To do this remember:

1) If you are not fluent in writing, it is best to limit yourself to short phrases because the longer you write a sentence, the easier it is that you end up losing yourself and making mistakes. This does not mean that we should write as if it were a telegram, but it is preferable to sin of a simple but correct wording than of a purportedly more elaborate but full of errors.

2) Remember to review the spelling of the text and punctuation well. It is convenient to read aloud the essay to be able to realize if some words have been repeated in excess and if the points and the commas have been placed well.

With these tips you will be able to perform a good essay with great ease and by your own means.

How to make an essay on a controversial topic

Avoid overly aggressive expressions when it comes to rehearsing a controversial topic. You can defend a subject with intensity, but it is not necessary to show aggressiveness against those who think differently. Always have a left hand and be diplomatic.

For example, it may say: “Gay marriage is contrary to Catholic beliefs, which defend the union of man and woman as the only valid before God.” Rather than say: “Gay marriage is contrary to Catholic beliefs and those who They defend against the word of God. ” Although we are expressing the same idea, the second way of doing so may be aggressive, as it directly accuses those who think differently.

If he wants to discredit a position contrary to his own, it is permissible always and when he does so by argument and never by insult, ridicule or any other inconsiderate way and that is not based on logical reasoning and respect.

Many people, when faced with how to make an essay on a controversial subject resort to irony abusing this resource. The irony consists in saying one thing but making it clear that one wants to express the opposite: “It is true that every woman has something beautiful, although in some cases it is a distant cousin.” Irony is a well-used intelligence sample, but it indicates a lack of arguments, arrogance and acidity when used excessively.

Being firm in convictions but sensitive when it comes to exposing them is the most complicated part of this type of essays. Iron hand in silk glove, remember this old saying when you face this exciting challenge that once overcome will help you in many aspects of your life.

How to make an introduction to an essay

How to Make an Introduction to a Trial: Tips for a Good Introduction

The introduction of an essay is something like the presentation of a product, that is, it must engage the reader and make them interested in reading the rest of the essay. It is important to show it interesting but without making false promises, we can not say in the introduction that we are going to talk about something that will not be touched because that would be an incongruity and would detract from our work. When we think of how to make an introduction to a particular essay we must ask ourselves what is the most interesting thing about it and highlight it with enthusiasm, but always in a realistic way.

Their size should be relative to the size of the test. This is a very important aspect of how to make an introduction to an essay, you can not make a two-sheet writing and one of them is almost completely the introduction, nor present a book with a short paragraph. Everything must be proportionate and balanced. Most authors agree that the introduction should be about 10% of the total trial.

It is a good idea for the introduction to collect all the main ideas of the essay when it includes more than one. In this way the work is presented completely and not only a part of it. In order for all the important ideas of the essay to be included in the introduction, it is a good idea to write this at the end. In this way we can introduce what has actually been written, which may show differences with respect to what we intended to capture in the beginning.

For example we might have started with an idea, but in the middle of the essay and after reading some reference, we decided to include something larger that is important enough to deserve a place in the introduction.

How to make an introduction to an essay: the hypothesis

The hypothesis deserves a separate mention when we analyze how to make an introduction to an essay, since it is the fundamental part of the introduction, the theory that we will defend throughout the essay and that will eventually be reaffirmed or refuted after the completion of our work .

If you want to read more about conducting a thesis you can read here and here.

Example of how to do an introduction to an essay
Example of how to make an introduction to an essay in which we want to defend an idea about love.

“Thanks to the love we reproduce, we attend our children and we organize ourselves in families and societies. But is love a feeling born of our spiritual part, the so-called soul or is it just an evolutionary weapon of our brain?

Love is based more on anthropology and human evolution than on spiritual feelings. We love because we need that feeling to survive in society and not because we are beings with soul. Is my reasoning very cold? Well it has a good scientific basis as I will explain below. I will show you that love is only a product of your brain and I will make all the principles on which your life is based stagger ”

This is a controversial, aggressive introduction that tries to catch the reader with a very radical and challenging argument that will cause the rejection of people who read it, but certainly also the interest in reading it if only to counter the arguments That are exposed in the test. It is an alternative way of capturing attention, although it is a dangerous method because it can alienate the reader by feeling too offended by the approach.

However it has all the elements of an introduction: a summary of the most important ideas, a thesis to defend and an attempt (more or less accurate according to opinions) to catch the attention of the reader.


Literary essay

While an essay that can be written by a scientist, peer-oriented professionals will give more importance to the background than to form, a writer can perform a essay in which he has interest what counts, but he will also be of importance to form In that it does. That is, vocabulary and writing are carefully chosen.

In this case we would be talking about a literary essay in its broadest sense and could contain essays of another type to which they are literary. We understand with this that an argumentative essay could also be a literary essay if one takes care of the form in which it is written. Even a scientific essay might be literary, although not the most usual, if you take care of the way it is written.

If we define a literary essay by referring to the subject matter of the essay, then we would be dealing with the analysis of a work of literature or of a particular period or style of the history of writing.

Based on this we could make a literary essay on “Don Quixote de la Mancha” or any of the themes or characters that make up the work. You can also make an essay about Cervantes or even about the time or style of the work. The topic we would choose and delimit before we start depending on the purpose of the essay.

In short, this type of essay can both talk about literature, and be quality literature itself. Not a few writers have published essays as part of their work.

How to make a literary essay

How in all the essays, to make a literary essay the first thing that we have to do is to narrow down the subject since it is important to be clear on what exactly we want to speak. If the essay is about a literary work or style then we must document it.

In the introduction we will explain what exactly we want to talk about, presenting the topic and the positions we are going to defend in our essay. This is what we know as theses or theories. It can be a single thesis or we can defend several, depending on the transcendence and length of our essay.

In the body we will develop the theme. In order to defend our arguments we can use quotations from the reference works, always in quotes so that there is no doubt that we are not the authors of the same. You can put the origin at the end of the appointment or it can be indicated at the bottom of the page or in an attachment at the end of the trial.

The essay ends with the conclusions we have drawn by summarizing the fundamental ideas, which we want to remain in the reader’s head.

Special tools for a literary essay

As we have seen, form is important so in a literary essay we will use some of the following tools:

– A comprehensive and careful vocabulary: It is not a question of using fancy words that the reader does not understand, but of not repeating terms by using synonyms, avoiding excessively colloquial words, not using localisms trying to make Castilian as neutral as possible.

– A correct and careful grammar.

– Rhetorical figures: Intended to give greater beauty or intensity to the text. Rhetorical figures are literary and grammatical resources. Here we can see which are the main rhetorical figures and examples of their use.

– A good rhythm: A well written text must have a good rhythm, at times slower to stop to explain something in detail, and more agile in others, avoiding the unnecessary repetitions and explanations that cause boredom in the reader.

New argumentative essay example

New example of an argumentative essay: “Smartphone’s and the dependency they have created in today’s society”

In this new example of an argumentative essay on smart phones and the dependency they create, let’s look at the three main parts of the essay: its introduction, its development or body and conclusions. I will outline it in three blocks so that each one of them is clear, quoting the part related to the essay and commenting next what it considers relevant to highlight about it.

Remember that argumentative essays are those in which you do not need to rely on more evidence than your own convictions, although you must defend them properly. But if there are opinions of important people in your fields that agree with your hypothesis to defend, then it is a good idea to use it, as it will give you greater strength and prestige. I recommend you visit this famous video on the subject I forgot my phone.

New example of argumentative essay: introduction

“The introduction of the Smartphone has been very fast in all sectors of society and has contributed to the development of a greater dependence on cell phones, which now connected to the Internet provide a greater number of services and have become essential for many people. But are these devices as useful as we think? Are they contributing to a better society or are they impoverishing our relationships? I believe that the Smartphone helps the creation of a virtual reality that totally isolates the young, increases bad education and a poor and fictitious social life and ultimately is more harmful than beneficial for our young people ”

As you can see has raised a brief analysis of the reality observed by the author and theory that will defend in the body of his essay. The objectives of the introduction are thus achieved.

New example of argumentative essay: the body of the essay

“We spend more time to our social network friends than to the real ones and it is possible to see in a cafeteria several young people who do not talk, just typing like crazy in their terminal. The network and its insides have priority over the person in front of them. Nobody apologizes or asks permission to answer a call that interrupts a conversation, now the natural thing is to leave the interlocutor with the word in the mouth even to read the latest publication on a friend’s Face book. This harms the realities between people and clearly boycotts communication between people.

We do not respect spaces, schools, cinemas and even the church are places where we see how often they sound acoustic signals or lights that indicate that the owner of the apparatus is, with greater or less dissimulation, attending a requirement. The benefits that the Smartphone can give, such as being located, being able to communicate in an emergency or having recourse to a stray if we have strayed are not as necessary as they may seem. Before we used public telephones and asked other people if we did not know an address. Yes, young people, there was a time when politely asking a stranger on the street as we could go a place was the usual and we did not use Google maps.

Psychologists, sociologists and even associations accustomed to dealing with very serious addictions support the theory that Smartphone is today a problem for thousands of young people who have physical symptoms that may even manifest as anxiety attacks if they leave their phone at home . I support the links I attach so that they can see how these specialists see, as I see it, that today the phone can be detrimental to an increasingly large population sector. ”

Very briefly, since space requires it, the author defends his arguments based on the analysis of the reality that he observes and in which experts from different branches.

New example of argumentative essay: conclusion

“The use of the Smartphone has become abuse in much of the youth. It is that bad use that makes us today many consider that the utilities that this apparatus has remain in the background before the prejudices they cause as I demonstrated in this essay ”

Briefly but emphatically, the author makes clear his main idea at the conclusion of the essay.

New example of argumentative essay: references

These are some of the links consulted and that support the exposed idea that the excessive use of the Smartphone can cause a negative dependence on the young and not so young, that make a.

Romeo and Juliet Essay

“Romeo y Juliet” is one of the most popular works of its author, one of the most represented and most often versioned in theaters. It has become a symbol of passionate love and romanticism. For this reason, many people say that the work is about love that can do everything; Others claim that it is a story about hatred and its destructive power; I believe that in a way, it could be said that it is a novel about the lack of communication and its fatal consequences.

Why do I argue that this novel should not be a symbol of romantic love? For starters, Romeo falls in love with Juliet just to see her. This, a constant in multitude of novels, could not be considered love but only attraction since a real and deep love is based on the mutual knowledge and not in a physical attraction or in a words in a dance. Throughout the work, there is very little time for both lovers to meet and talk. His love is therefore a strong desire among adolescents strengthened only by the prohibition of being together. We all know that what is forbidden is much more appealing to young people and can make them much more stubborn. Did Romeo and Juliet fall in love if they had carte blanche to unleash their feelings? It may be, but it could also happen otherwise. We will never know. But what we do know is that they did not have enough time to discover it, much less to develop a feeling so strong that it pushes them to suicide. It would therefore be, from my point of view, a romantic rebelliousness of youth and not true love. A mere excuse for history, but not much the essence of it.

Is hatred then the true motor of history? It is what many defend, that “Romeo and Juliet” is a story that deals with hate and its terrible consequences. It is hatred that makes the Montessori and the Capulet not understand each other. It is also the old grudges that lead Theo bald, Juliet’s cousin, to kill Mercuric and Romeo to kill Theo bald in revenge. But Romeo and Juliet do not die as a direct consequence of these hatreds that seem to invade all the characters in the story, but because of the misunderstandings that complicate their plan to be together. Although this evil feeling is present throughout the novel, it is not from my point of view the essence of it.

Why then do I believe that it is the lack of communication that really triggers the whole story and its true soul? Let’s analyze it point by point:

The lack of communication is what makes Montescos and Capulet’s hate each other. We do not know the origin of their rancor, but we know that after the death of the two lovers families talk and reconcile, realizing the absurd to continue facing. Hate is therefore a consequence of the lack of communication and just as there was an approach to the end of the story, there could have been much earlier if they had sat and talked.